Visual Identity

Logo design, corporate communication design, branding & social media identity design

Illustration: Digital & hand-crafted

Illustration for t-shirts, posters, websites, brochures, textile patterns, book covers, CD covers, magazine articles, wall art, and more… In vector, pixel, watercolour, ink, collage, drawing or mixed techniques (check out this great article about types of illustration).

Communication design & Layout

// for publication (Books, booklets, reports, catalogs, magazines, newsletters, CD covers)

// for promotion (Posters, brochures, invitations, signage, adverts, social media graphics/headers/posts)

// to inform (infographics, menu’s, icons, info packs, summary reports, info sheets, Powerpoint presentations)

// to inspire (posters, posts, images to inspire action, compassion, or spark interest)

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What else I do & offer

I am an artist


Paintings and Drawings
Limited Edition Prints
Recycled Art & Craft
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Projects and Collaborations

I can coordinate, organise, and offer support on projects, exhibitions, installations, events, retreats and new creative businesses

I am a creative coach & a workshop facilitator

Workshops & programmes

Land Art sessions
One-on-one coaching
Creative workshops
Upcycling workshops
Journaling circle
Creative rituals workshop
‘Sensploration’ sessions
‘Ignite your Metamorphosis’ creativity programme

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